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We provide the whole package that a business needs to keep their accounting books clear and straight. Bookkeeping and accounting is a very basic necessity of every organization and obviously is a very basic source for decision making to make the business successful.

Maintenance of Accounting Books and Records:

We maintain our clients records and books in a very systemize way by using technology and accounting softwares and with clients perspective it would be so easy for them to check their records in a single click. We consider the principles of “confidentiality” and “integrity” and “International Financial Reporting and Accounting Standards” while making the clients accounting books and records. In maintenance of accounting books and records, may also include the:

  1. Annual & Periodical Financial Reporting
  2. Budgeting & Cash Flow Analysis
  3. Creditors Control Management
  4. Debtors Ageing and Control Management

"We also suggest our clients the best accounting softwares according to their needs"